PRETTY BOY THORSON AND LIL’ HAPPINESS: “You’re Gonna Miss Me” b/w “Way Out”: 7”

There is no insert with this, and there is no label on the vinyl (which is transparent gold). The song titles are etched into each side. That’s the only way to know which song you’re playing. That, or the fact that Jesse sings the one on Side A, and Annie (from The Soviettes) sings the one on Side B. Lots of detective work is necessary here. The cover photo would have you assume that there are five people in this outfit; Jesse, who is an asshole (or at least that’s what a shirt that I have says), Annie, who is cool, Paddy Costello, who is cool, and two other dudes who look familiar. Both songs are about people leaving each other. The band features a full, laid-back sound on these catchy tunes. The music definitely makes up for the lack of information here.

 –Nighthawk (Rad Girlfriend,