PRETTY BOY THORSON AND ‘LIL HAPPINESS: “I Can’t Get High” b/w “Keep on Waiting”: 7”

Jan 19, 2012

Why do I keep flashing back to episodes of Simon and Simon? Is this 7” what’d be playing on the jukebox of a biker bar in my eight-year-old mind? Does it sound like a brown and orange Power Wagon slowly solving a mystery? Is this fair to Jesse and the dialed-in MPLS band he’s rodeo’d into this little spinner? “Really, dude, you’re comparing our band to a show that wasn’t as good as Hardcastle and McCormick or Cagney and Lacey? C’mon.” The B-side of my copy of this record is warped, but the A-side plays just fine. That doesn’t happen very often. There’s something heavy-work-pant, pretzels-make-beer fancy about Jesse Thorson-helmed bands that makes the songs both go down real easy and worth listening to repeatedly… on the jukebox… of an eight-year-old kid’s mind… Just put it on an MP3 player or something.

 –todd (ADD,

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