PREACHER’S SON, THE: Princes of the Kingdom: CD

Jul 23, 2007

Combining the Gun Club’s appealing sordidness with the swagger and charm of Gram Parsons, The Preacher’s Princes of the Kingdom is a refreshing addition to a genre Gabriel Hart (Starvations, Fortune’s Flesh) has been building in Los Angeles; and to a smaller degree, a sound the Deadly Snakes in Canada tinkered with before their demise last year. Everything is here—American music: Doc Pomus, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Jeffrey Lee Pierce; American literature: Carson McCullers, Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor. It’s drunk, it’s dirty; The Preacher’s Son is about sin and redemption. It’s no coincidence these happen to be some of my favorite topics…A brief highlight in an otherwise dismal sea of uninteresting music.

 –ryan (Mule Blood)

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