PREACHERS KIDS, THE: Is This Love?: 7"

Dec 30, 2008

Oxford, Mississippi’s Preachers Kids play an uncomplicated, boozed-up style of garage rawk on this 7” slab that toes the borderline of bar band-dom, but stays just this side of crossing into that barren, fallow territory. “Is This Love?” starts off with a riff that Aerobitch could have written had Johnny Thunders been their lead guitarist. That may sound good, but it’s not terribly original and would be abysmal in the wrong hands. Fortunately, Tyler Keith’s singing and guitar playing, plus an outstanding bridge, keeps this from going off the rails. Fact is, “Is This Love?” continues to grow on me in a way that straight forward garage rawk tunes seldom do.The flip is an excellent cover of the classic GG Allin song, “Don’t Talk to Me.” And, speaking of covers, Russ Meyer aficionados will marvel at the gazzongas of the chick on the sleeve.

 –benke (Wrecked ‘Em)