PRAYER BREAKFAST: Family Business: CD / Cassette

While their first gig may have been opening for the Spin Doctors, Bloomington’s Prayer Breakfast sounds nothing like them. Instead, with a sound more reminiscent of acts such as mid-‘90s Sunny Day Real Estate, Guided By Voices, and Jetenderpaul (I know no one knows who this is, but I’m going to keep referring to them in reviews), Prayer Breakfast creates songs with lo-fi influences and solid build-ups and explosions. The addition of the occasional twangy guitar, keys, and harmonica round out the sound of Family Business, giving it some depth and variety, making for a fuller, richer sound. Overall, there are some nice, summery tunes on the album (see especially “Clover Crowns”), making for a positive listen. I know it’s primarily because it’s influenced by so many great bands from the ‘90s (when I was in high school and college), but Family Business is definitely one of the better albums I’ve heard in a long time.

 –kurt (XRA / Flannelgraph)