P/P/J #17: $2, 8 ½” x 5 ½”, photocopied, 32 pgs.

May 08, 2013

Yikes. P/P/J, subtitled Psionic Plastic Joy: A Journal of Anti-Social Media, is, as far as I can tell, an anarcho-primitivist zine with a passing nod towards some pretty wild, anti-technology conspiracy theories. There’s stuff by plenty of contributors (John Zerzan’s the only name I recognize) about technology, Dadaism, and becoming a “psychic nomad, advancing theory and praxis as mobile actions.” There’s also some (frequently violent) poetry and short fiction, collage art, and, perhaps most telling, a brief article about a guy who apparently runs a record label and is an “information-intelligence operative in sonic-warfare methodology, covertly implemented on an unsuspecting audience.’” The guy is such a big deal that, according to P/P/J, the government used HAARP technology to send a tornado to the guy’s town in an attempt to kill him. This is Definitely a weird one. –Keith Rosson (Jason Rodgers, PO Box 62, Lawrence, MA 01842)