POWERCUP: Renovate at All Cost: CD

Jul 29, 2010

I think that it must be clear to Todd that I like shtick bands. Hell, I play in a few of them. He had to know that I would most likely appreciate this more than the average reviewer. Well, here’s the rub; I like a good shtick, but not at the sacrifice of having to listen to bad tunes. First, the shtick: Powercup is all about building and home renovation. The songs titles alone had me laughing out loud. “Bob Vila,” “Ballad of the Saw Dust,” “Tim Allan,” Renov8 2 Sk8”... You get the idea. I was looking forward to the hilarious lyrics in the liner notes, but instead I got fuzzed-out crusty, grindy stuff with screechy and growly vocals that I can’t understand. Boooo! Well, I’ll give you the cover of “Bob the Builder” is pretty fuckin’ funny... If you’re a fan of the genre and need a laugh, this will work.

 –ty (aphmusic.com)