POW!: One Eyed Scorpion: 7”

This sucker is sexy coming out of the sleeve: sky blue clear vinyl with an almost shockingly contrasting red-orange label. Really nice layout of the cover art as well. “One Eyed Scorpion”is the first track and, after a quick simple guitar intro, I got excited. I heard what made me think of The Observers for a couple of seconds and then came the droning vocals. They lost me that quick. The vocals really took the wind out of my sails as it sucked all of the energy from the music. I’m not a huge fan of synth either. And it happened the same way for remaining three songs, glimmer of hope… lethargic vocals, synth. They definitely have their sound, I am just not in their particular demographic.

 –Jackie Rusted (Grazer Records, grazerrecords.bigcartel.com)