POTBELLY: A Tale of Debauchery: LP

Mar 27, 2012

This suuuuuuuucks. Hard. Stupid, generic thrash music played by fat troglodytes with idiotic, purposely offensive lyrics about sluts and drugs that my eighth grade English class students wouldn’t even write. (And those kids are pretty dumb—some of them are ICP fans.) The cover art is pathetic and there’s even an enclosed comic book done in the same style. This is like Gwar, without the costumes and stage show, but if Gwar were severely unfunny. And untalented. And huffed glue to the point of doing serious damage to their brains. (Umm, wait...) Sometimes they switch it up and add in an acoustic guitar or a “ska” part and sing about weed. Whooo. Seriously, this really wasted an hour of an otherwise beautiful and enjoyable Saturday. To the band’s credit, they admit in their last song that they suck and recommend using the record as a frisbee. Believe I’ll do just that....

–Ryan Horky (PIG, myspace.com/portnowentertainmentgroup)

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