Nov 30, 2010

Nice! A re-press of their second LP by this legendary band from Poland. My love for Polish punk with female vocals does lead back to this band. To actually own a copy is a treat. I missed the boat the first time around due to it not being on my radar at time of release. But I did manage to get a download. From what I can tell, there was great care to re-release it with the original artwork for the cover. Not sure about the liner notes though. I have nothing to compare it to. But what is important is the music. It’s one of those few records where you can play from start to finish, flip it over, and listen over and over. It’s charging hardcore punk that does not lose its melody while straying beyond the boundaries of the conventional to add to the originality. Matching the dynamic attack of the vocals is the supreme musicianship of the guitarist. You get an aural experience from the textures and emotions he brings to the songs. Listening to current bands like El Banda, Slowa We Krwi and Eye For An Eye, also from Poland, you can hear how influential this band was.

 –don (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)

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