Nov 02, 2015

Another Positive No release from Negative Fun, this time on cassette. Everyone has a cassette player in their car, a Walkman, and two tape decks as part of their everyday lives like I do, right? No? All grievances aside, cassettes are easy and cheap to produce, and are by far one of the best DIY tools to get your music out to the masses… or a lucky few. Positive No steps it up to the plate with twelve songs. There is no escaping that the lead vocals sound like Bjork. Coincidence or not, it adds a little quirkiness to their indie, Silversun Pickups punk sound. Positive No is sweet but not syrupy, with simplistic but catchy melodies. Pleasant tunes for these tired ears. Just buy a damn tape player already. 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Negative Fun)

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