PORK #7: Free, 15” x 10”, Newsprint, 20 pgs.

Jan 15, 2013

Pork is dense with excellent artist profiles. Interviews include Jeff Gaither, whose monster-themed art has graced Accüsed and Municipal Waste album covers. Arturo Vega is interviewed regarding his work as art director for the Ramones. Basil Wolverton’s son Monte carries on with his father’s seminal work and talks to Pork about his dad’s legacy. Derek Higgs, the man responsible for Iron Maiden’s iconic “Eddie” character, is also interviewed. The interviews are well informed. How much good stuff can you cram into twenty pages of solid rock’n’roll art talk? Apparently, the answer is Pork.
–Billups Allen (Pork, PO Box 12044, Eugene, OR97440)