PORCH GHOULS: Self-titled: 10” EP

Oct 29, 2001

Down’n’dirty, lowest of the fi, dirt-dragged gospel swamp boogie blues. They’ve got their arms around quaalude sorrow and amphetamine burns, meaning they’ve sizzled through the highs and embrace the lows (or at least sound like it. They may be upright citizens). It’s also the first band I’ve ever heard that plays the suitcase; a 50’s dealie with a hole for a mic and a foot pedal and a tambourine attached. This slab is mostly covers and who they pay homage to is telling: Hound Dog Taylor, Willie Dixon, Little Richard, and R.L. Burnside. Listen to this long enough, and I feel my teeth start loosening and I keep reaching for an unmarked mason jar to swallow my fears and troubles away. The Porch Ghouls are in the same base camp as The Oblivions and the Gibson Brothers; lost souls drowning for your salvation. Good stuff.

 –todd (Orange)

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