Aug 27, 2009

Loosely, very loosely, the Popular Shapes are in the same camp as The Lost Sounds, the A-Frames, and Le Shock (RIP). Hyper-angular, almost robotic voiced, whelped guitars, Wire-loving, Gang of Four-idolizing, Stick Men With Rayguns-admiring punk for animated mannequins. There’s nothing wrong with them, and I find myself really enjoying parts of songs, but like a spice that slips off the side of your tongue instead of blooming right in the middle, I can’t hold my arms up in the touchdown position when listening to the Popular Shapes. What’s weirder is that, on repeated listens, I’m both liking it more and liking it less. Huh. If you don’t squint at adventure and don’t need straight-ahead melodies holding your hand all the way through a song, I say give ‘em a chance. I’ll sit here and see if it grows on me.

 –todd (On/On Switch)