POPSTERS, THE: Two Minutes b/w Runaway: 7"

Sep 25, 2007

Yet another classic pop punk slab o’ wax from the infamous Kazakhstanian pop punk guru! No… not Borat… that’s an English comedian making an ass out of himself…I’m talking about the infamous Adam Alive from California! Side A of this 7” showcases the Popster’s songwriting ability: great guitar solos and sing-along lyrics to die for. Side B is a cover of Dee Dee Ramone’s song “Runaway,” and it’s done well. The recording quality and musicianship win on this 7”. I know it’s only two songs, but get it if you dig this kind of stuff. The pre-burned super slick CD-R of the 7” is another bonus, and your mp3 players and car stereos and CD Walkmen will be feeling as important as that record player. Everyone wins!

 –mrz (It’s Alive)

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