Jul 13, 2006

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out why a band would call themselves The Popsters? Sure they play some of the best pop-punk stuff I’ve heard in ages, but why so literal? It started to dawn on me when I listened to the lyrics a little closer. Odd wording and backwards grammar. A check of the liner notes revealed my suspicions. Italians singing in English. There you have it. I cannot and will not fault these guys for their ridiculous band name because there has to be a translation error. Yeah, that’s it….Anyway, let’s talk about the music. If you can bear any more Canadian references from me, I think they sound a lot like Doughboys and Bum. Two of the best pop bands we Canucks ever had to offer. Yep, The Popst…I can’t even type it again...these guys are that good. Throw a Mass Giorgini mix on it and there you have it. The Tom Petty cover is pretty good too.

 –ty (Incessant Drip)

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