POPPETS: Steal It like a Thief: LP

Sep 19, 2013

Wow, i got almost all the way through the second song before i realized that the record spun at 45 and not 33. Sure, it kinda sounded like she had an unusually deep voice and all, but, fuck, the band is Swedish; who knows what kind of funky bodily transmutations they might routinely undertake there? Plus, i mean, it had a real nice lower mid-range crunch at 33. I kind of miss it. In any event, at the correct turntable speed, this girl/guy/drum machine three-way sounds somewhat akin to a songwriting demo for the first Donnas album, Helen Love minus the disco shit, or the Okmoniks plus the Helen Love shit. Well, with the Ramones being in no condition to attempt to release really obvious summertime albums these days, somebody’s gotta make music to spur our collective wine cooler consumption, and i applaud their selfless acceptance of this onerous civic duty. Huzzah! BEST SONG: “1+1=2” BEST SONG TITLE: “1+1=2” because i like math. “Hjärtats Slag” is a close second. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I actually wasn’t convinced that the record spun at 45 until i went to amazon.com and played their song samples. Huh.

 –norb (FDH, fdhmusic.com)