POPPETS: Live På Utmarken: Cassette

Who thought cassettes would come back? In the last few years, the sturdy format that was once the standard for demos is returning with a vengeance in DIY circles. Burger Records is at the forefront of the tape revival movement and they specialize not only in making cassettes, but also in making cassettes of bands that sound especially rocking on that medium. Poppets is a great, sloppy Swedish pop outfit. This live set sounds extra vital on cassette. I want to hear more of Poppets and their danceable brilliance. This isn’t some shitty homegrown packaging, but a real, factory-produced tape. Hand-numbered and limited to just 250 copies, this cassette is a blast from the format on down.

 –Art Ettinger (Burger, burgerrecords.webs.com)