May 14, 2001

A surfy/thrashy/pop band for twenty debaucherous years, PopDefect takes its final bows with a little pathos, a little bathos and a dash of self-depreciating humor on this full-length album. This release contains new recordings of "Drunken Sailor," "Vena's Revenge," and "Rock in My Hand" that aren't too different from the previously available versions, but it's nice to have them all in one place on what might be the band's finest collection of songs ever. The CD's final cut, "Dirge Overkill," is a song lamenting the last beer at a party that has long run its course as the band finds itself "far from the greatest show on earth" and serves as a moving coda to the band's lengthy career. The keg may have run dry but the memories will last a lunch time.

 –Bob Cantu (Heart Murmur, PO Box 50602, LA, CA 90050)