POP TARDS: Hot Cum on a Cold Child: CD

Nov 24, 2009

From the little sticker on the front: “The Saint Louis six-piece craft an in-your-face approach that reconciles noise with pop once and for all. ThinkBeach Boys meets Stockhausen with shimmery, soaring vocals.” Well, if Stockhausen wrote meandering noise pieces (and I guess some would argue much of his stuff was just that) for an ensemble comprised of barely proficient fourth graders, I can see the connection. The Beach Boys, however, are nowhere in evidence as far as I am able to determine. Based on the shock tactic title and phallic parental advisory sticker, methinks the whole thing is a bit of a piss-take. Hope the Lou Bega and Soundgarden fans they recommend it to on the aforementioned sticker actually pick up a copy, ‘cause that would indeed be funny.

 –jimmy (Waste, no address)