POP ATAK!: Self-titled: CD-R demo

Nov 16, 2010

One should stop playing music when they no longer find it fun. Life can throw awful curveballs. Sometime along the line, Davey, Ross, and Bob stopped playing together as Tiltwheel. Davey kept his musical flag fluttering. They’re also all men of honor. So, years and years later, when Ross and Bob wanted to start playing again, Davey, who’s in a guesstimated five bands already, welcomed his friends to start anew. Since there was already a fully functional Tiltwheel humming along, they formed Pop Atak! This demo’s a good etching. A little more fidelity and fullness, a little more snapping together, and we’ll have some polished-up prime cuts. I’m more than patient and confident that a proper release will blow me away. More than anything, I’m just glad they’re all playing and hanging out again.

 –todd (Self-released)