POOL PARTY: Pool Party Yeah!: CD

Mar 07, 2011

A four-piece band from Iceland being released by a Florida label. This disc has a running time of close to an hour, with the first half being a twelve-song, coherent album that sounds like it was recorded in a legitimate studio. And it’s pretty darn good too, ranging through Ramoneish punk, synth-driven new wave, and power pop. Energetic and amusing party music that appeals to the basest rock and roll instincts, which goes well with the joyfully immature, sexually-loaded lyrics. The second half is twenty more tracks of noticeably lower quality both in terms of the recordings and the strength of the songs themselves, although a number of songs on the later half of the release are live or crude demo versions of the twelve first songs on the disc. The second half is also more experimental, even working in elements of dub and techno, but quite hit or miss. The first twelve songs are well worth listening to all the way through, but you will want to employ the track skip button on the rest of the release.

 –Jake Shut (Livid)