PONYS, THE: So Sentimental: 7"

Sep 25, 2007

The Ponys are one of those bands that seem to tap into the vibe that goes across punk rock and indie hipster scenes, the way Hot Snakes, Le Shok, The Peechees, Black Lips, and others have. They don’t sound the same necessarily, yet all seem to have a pulse that brings everyone in, slipping equally into dirty punk hearts as much as emo soft centers. I swear it’s a drug vibe. Or maybe it’s that moody feeling of being lost, lost, lost that speaks to so many adult-sized teenagers. The Ponys play quick music but it’s not fast, and they play messy with a purpose. Harmonic vocals create solid anthems you can sink into. I haven’t heard their Matador release these days, but bless Alicja’s Contaminated Records for reissuing this older single.

 –mike (Contaminated)