PONY BOY: Sexual Assault Rifle: LP

May 20, 2010

First of all, the title of the record is just brilliant. Something I wish I would have thought of first. Secondly, the album artwork, all of it, is particularly striking. A silk-screened cover, very colorful, with a cardinal perched atop a rifle with a grey kitty looking on. The labels on the record are of a giraffe with boobs and a hornet with an erection. Furries are stoked. And it comes with an insert of what might be a crucified Magnum P.I. Musically, the first thing that comes to mind is Pink Razors, which might make sense since they are both from Bloomington. It’s not that it sounds exactly like Pink Razors, because it certainly doesn’t, but it sounds as if they both live in the shared space of a Venn diagram that includes modern DIY punk, ‘80s college rock, and ‘90s indie rock. They live in a world of pop punk but are acutely aware of more challenging sounds and styles, incorporating complex timings and arrangements with bits of pop sensibilities a la Tanner, or a slightly tamed Triclops! There’s a lot of stuff going on here; effects are employed quite nicely with what sounds like perhaps Theremin, moog, or tape looping. But with precious little information provided, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of said devices. As well, this is one of the few times I receive a record and wish I had a lyric sheet to go with it so I can sing along without having to guess and make up my own lyrics. It is early in the year, but I think so far I have my favorite new record of the year. Sexual Assault Rifle has me a Pony Boy fan.

 –Jeff Proctor (Let’s Pretend)