May 21, 2010

Before this disc was sent to me, I downloaded the tracks because it features three of the five guys who made up the now recently departed Sleepwall. Those three guys got another guy and formed this here band, Polygon. I didn’t expect Polygon to be Sleepwall, but Sleepwall does work as a decent and seemingly appropriate reference point for discussing Polygon. Polygon, not unlike Sleepwall, also likes their ‘90s. Polygon doesn’t have all the punk inclinations of Sleepwall, but does have the affinity for good indie/alternative stuff from decades past. This doesn’t hit as hard as Sleepwall did, and part of that is due to the vocals. That doesn’t mean that it’s not good. The music is something that Sleepwall could have progressed to, but the singing is uniquely Polygon. His vocals are younger sounding and softer, which give Polygon a more playful and light-hearted tone. Polygon’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

 –Vincent (myspace.com/polygonzz)