POLITICAL ASYLUM: Window on the World and How the West Was Won: CD

Mar 07, 2013

Reissues of this band’s albums three and four (?) courtesy of Boss Tuneage. Not having heard the first two, and indeed having no experience with ‘em prior to this save as a band name I’ve come across on occasion, I’m in no position to map their progression from their earliest days. What I can say is that the stuff from 1990s Window on the World sounds at times like they were no strangers to the sophisto-punk of New Model Army, who in turn were no strangers to homegrown “folk” influences. By 1992’s How the West Was Won, the influence of Hüsker Dü came to the fore, both in the acoustic cover of “Don’t Want to Know If You Are Lonely” and in the noodly electric guitar work elsewhere. Throughout, however, the band incorporates their influences into what is clearly their own sound. Both releases are a great chance to revisit not only a band likely overlooked in favor of more popular fare, but one worth a second look.

 –jimmy (Boss Tuneage)

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