POISON IDEA: Darby Crash Rides Again: LP

In a scene already packed to its roof with pissed off, often dangerous people, Poison Idea stood out as one of them bands you just did not want to fuck with. It wasn’t just because they looked the sort that would use your entrails to decorate their Christmas tree if you so much as annoyed them, it was also because, as their myriad releases attest, they dealt in a brand of music that radiated a feral violence that exceeded many of their punk/hardcore peers—their tunes felt like an ass-whoopin’, but they also made you wanna bounce off the walls and do a little goin’ off yourself. Adding to an already stellar back catalog, TKO and Southern Lord dish up a couple of demos, including the legendary one from which this collection derives its name, a couple of outtakes from the Record Collectors are Pretentious Assholes EP, and a 1983 radio recording, all of it great, both in sound and performance quality. Bands like this are few and far between, and this is definitely one of those must-have items for even the passive punk aficionado.

 –jimmy (TKO)