Nov 02, 2015

I’ve got to be completely honest. I was scared to listen to this when I saw it in my stack of review stuff. I love Pointed Sticks. They are full-blown Canadian legends. They were architects of Vancouver’s punk rock scene along with the likes of The Young Canadians, DOA, The Subhumans, and others. I love them, but I was scared because I have seen them play twice in the last couple of years and I just wasn’t feeling it. I was worried that I would put this disc on and all of those great tunes from the old days would end on a sour, dull note. I can’t say how relived I am that isn’t the case. Pointed Sticks are old punks in their fifties and sixties who just managed to put out an amazing pop album. These songs are beautiful—not just in how they sound, but in how they are built. I can guarantee that there are legions of hacks out there—being played on the radio and getting awards for music—who are half of the songwriters that these guys are. Is it punk rock anymore? Not really. Do Pointed Sticks really have to prove anything to anyone at this point? No. It’s just good, relaxing music. 

 –ty (Sudden Death)

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