Nov 02, 2015

Okay guys, seriously: how cute are The Plurals? I hate to say it for fear of sounding condescending, but for real. There’s something about their seamless blending of fuzzy, frenetic riffs and warp speed drum fills with their inexplicable wide-eyed twinkly-ness that is impossible to resist. “How About the Weather” and “Clouds” call to mind words that seem pejorative—haphazard, hasty, helter-skelter—but in the capable hands of The Plurals, these qualities are gifts, tempering the band’s confidence and talent just enough to make these tracks seem warmly honest. Camping out on the B side are Black Sparrow Press’s “Adult Braces” and “Lady, I Love You,” two equally adorable tracks that are appropriate bedfellows for side A’s compositions. The juxtaposition between the music’s unlikely-animal-friendship levels of delight and drummer Danny Andrew’s gruff vocals ensures Black Sparrow Press’ sound stays sweet without ever becoming cloying.

 –Kelley O’Death (GTG, [email protected], / Something Dancey, / Minor Bird,

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