PLOW UNITED: Self-titled: LP

This is a loving reissue of Plow United’s 1994 debut LP. I can understand why this was a formative record for a lot of people who heard it when it first came out —it’s personal, fun, fast as shit, and indicative of the great stuff they would go on to do later. That said, I think their best work was years in the future—their most recent full length, Marching Band, was phenomenal. This? This is just okay. Quick, endearingly awkward pop punk songs that rely less on melody and more on a stuttering, veering kind of song structuring, frequent blitzkrieg lyrical passages, vocal interplay, and the occasional stroke of musical brilliance. I don’t think it’s held up amazingly well twenty years later, but it’s irrefutably better than the shit I was making in 1994, so there’s that. 

 –keith (It’s Alive)