PLOW UNITED: “Act Like It” b/w “Little Bit of Hatred”: 7”

Jul 26, 2013

Let me say this: on the strength of hearing these two songs (less than four minutes of combined music) I was driven to seek out and purchase much of Plow United’s back catalog. That’s some songwriting, okay? That’s how good they are. And a testament to how lucky us reviewers are sometimes. The A-side’s a cut from their new album, Marching Band, with the flip exclusive to this record. Both songs are stupidly catchy and skull-deep in a soaring, dark, and anthemic quality that manages to become redemptive by their sheer awesomeness; the fact that they do it twice, and do it so effortlessly, and do it when their last record came out fifteen years ago, well, I’m impressed. You know those singing Christmas cards? You open em up and they play a little tune? I wish this issue of Razorcake was like that: “Little Bit of Hatred” would start playing whenever you opened up the pages. If you can’t guess, this one’s recommended.

 –keith (Kiss Of Death)