PLIMSOULS, THE: One Night in America: CD

Dec 14, 2005

Judas Priest. The gods are truly smiling on power pop fans. To augment the woefully inadequate availability of Plimsouls' product (only Everywhere at Once is readily available), this brand new live CD has hit the shelf. Recorded in 1981, probably in Cleveland, this is guitar rock at its finest. Yes, we have the Zeros, the Romantics, and many others-but The Plimsouls live is a godsend. This record features Plimsouls favorites like "I'll Get Lucky," "How Long Will It Take," and of course "A Million Miles Away." Plus some cool covers of bands like the Outsiders, the Kinks, and the Easybeats. The Easybeats, for Christ's sake! Throw Angus Young's brother a bone- times are tough. Great sound. Another release is planned for next year. But buy this record and then buy one for a Xmas present for a pal. You'll get something better than a lump of coal this time around. The return of the Plimsouls is good news for the music world. Real rock that has stood the test of time. -Sean Koepenick

 –guest (Oglio)