PLIMPTONS, THE: Are Cynical and Bloated: CD

I rather enjoy these good-natured Scot-poppers; they sound like a cross between the early Buzzcocky work of their countrymen the Soup Dragons ((a band who actually did not suck at one point in time)), and other tolerable U.K. 120 Minutes fodder enemies like the Wonder Stuff or what-have-you. Of course, their broad Scots accents can’t help but invoke the dread spectre of the Proclaimers, and their college-drop-out eclecticism smacks of Jazz Butchery, but there’s enough of a DIY/regular joe vibe at work here to confirm the band’s fitness as something appropriate to review in a punk mag, even though the only bands to which i have compared them thus far have been questionable ‘80s college radio favorites ((although, for the record, I consider the Jazz Butcher to be largely beyond reproach)). Pretty hard to knock a band who’d sing a song like “Never Going Back To Work,” so venerate accordingly. BEST SONG: “Never Going Back To Work” BEST SONG TITLE: “A Call Centre Job Over The Summer” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Recommended Track for Radio – 7 – Be Expected.”

 –norb (16 Ohm)