PLF: Pulverizing Lethal Force: CD

Mar 27, 2012

Re-press of their debut album from some time back. Listening to this, it’s easy to understand why people are stoked on this band. When it comes to grind, not many can touch the ferocity of PLF. They crank this stuff out with unrivaled power. It’s fast and precise with an avalanche of sound that crushes everything in its path. The dual vocal attack is both corrosive and abrasive, so you get it from all sides. They keep the energy constant, shifting tempos to keep it interesting, and it’s as fast as it is catchy, which is no easy task. Every song on here is a crusher, but the tracks that really stand out are “Black Robe,” Human Shield,” “Pinnacle of Weakness,” “Siege of the Headbanger,” “Fighting the Urge,” and the rest.

 –M.Avrg (Haunted Hotel, / To Live A Lie,

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