PLEXI 3: Tides of Change: LP

Jul 03, 2009

Plexi 3 play garagey power pop with female vocals and some girl group dramatics. Power pop requires a fine balance of, well, power and pop. The main problem with this album is that it needs more of both. It’s just not quite catchy enough to make up for how little it rocks. I’d like to see this band live. I bet they’re more energetic on stage, and they probably play in places with shitty PAs that mute the grating vocals. This sounds like the work of a band that is not quite ready to do a full-length, so I’m giving Plexi 3 a vote of confidence. The songs that the drummer wrote are fucking catchy, and they covered the Everly Brothers. Let’s hope that they stick around long enough to capitalize on the potential shown.

 –CT Terry (Bachelor)