PLEASURE LEFTISTS : The Woods of Heaven: LP

Jan 19, 2016

The Woods of Heaven is recorded with muted vocals, which I don’t think does Haley Morris’s deeply rich and haunting voice justice. With that said, this sophomore release is everything you’d expect from the Pleasure Leftists. Copious amounts of tedious, post-punk guitar is both anxious and melodic. It flutters back and forth between a constantly throbbing bassline. Their dark punk, new wave signature sound is both upbeat and somehow utterly laid back at the same time. They are at their strongest in their mid-tempo songs—(with beats that sway and propel), like “Protection” and “Reality Changes”—and bounce into danceable songs, like “Private Persons” and “You You.” The songs “A New Name” and “Burning Down” have a darker churn that slows down the momentum built up on each side. The Woods in Heaven is consistent and solid but explores no new territory to differentiate from their first breakthrough self-titled LP. Still worth picking up.

 –Camylle Reynolds (Deranged)