PLEASE MR. GRAVEDIGGER: Here’s to the Life of the Party: CD

Aug 11, 2009

The singer of this band seems to have some sort of glandular dysfunction which causes his mouth to produce too much saliva, which in turn comes flying out of his mouth into the microphone as he screams his atonal lyrics. It’s kind of like that drunk guy you stood next to in that club the other day, who was trying to shout something in your ear, but all you got out of it was a wet ear. It’s too bad, ‘cause the rest of the band has got some really interesting stuff going on, including an occasional farfisa organ bleeding through the fuzzed-out guitars and the pounding drums and bass. I gotta think one of the other guys in this band could do the singing, they’d each get a larger cut, and they’d be a decent hardcore band.

 –brian (Pluto)

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