Future Hitsopens up with a fiery little power pop number about smoking, drinking, cocaine, and cars and trucks. That is essentially the extent of Platinum Boys’ subject matter and interests, making for a rather redundant-sounding record. I do detect a Southern-fried influence in the guitar hooks and overall attitude (the words “punk sucks” printed on the album insert) which explains the disconnect I have with the record. I wish I could say that I relate to a rock’n’roll lifestyle of boozin’, cruisin’, and one night stands, but I have enough problems as it is. The truth is that while this brand of Southern-influenced power pop is lost on me, I do see these guys appealing to the Goner Fest type of crowd of handle bar mustachioed, tattooed, jean vest-wearing anti-punk rockers.   –Juan Espinosa (Dusty Medical)