PLATEAUS: Wasting Time: 10”EP

Mar 17, 2015

Let me just state first how glorious the pastel splatter starburst pattern on this vinyl 10” is. Its front cover plays this up front and center with a cutout design and the contrast of some dark, strange yeti type creature. I suppose it adds some intrigue. Plateaus have an unseasoned vernal sound—a fresh mix of pop with the stoner glaze of, say, White Fang, but much more clean and polished. Both “Wasting Time,” and the faster “Look Out,” have melodic guitar that arches over the underlying flat vocals, leaving wisps of echoes, laden with fuzzed-out bass, and some pretty sweet riffs. “Air Head” is a bit more ‘60s garage pop, with a solid bass line, warped surf guitar, and weird, nasally vocals. It’s a damn good song that gets the hips moving. 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Mt. St. Mtn.)

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