PLASTIC PINKS: “FUI” b/w “Kelly”: 7”

Sep 17, 2015

Miami garage five-piece Plastic Pinks play delightfully dirty pop rock’n’roll. The sunny melodies and summery sensibility of side A’s “FUI” clash against the track’s slightly fuzzy production and messy gang vocals like a Hypercolor shirt paired with an acid wash denim fanny pack—they shouldn’t work together, but they totally do. The slightly longer B side, “Kelly,” is heavier, slower, and adds a little psych to Plastic Pinks’ surf aesthetic, but the song stays on message with an extended breakdown that is somehow both chuggy and reminiscent of Dick Dale. The powder blue single’s artwork—courtesy of “party animal” and frequent collaborator Mimi Starr—looks like Fear and Loathing had a fever dream acid baby with Spring Breakers. All that’s missing is Spuds MacKenzie on a Sea-Doo… 

 –Kelley O’Death (Die Slaughterhaus, [email protected],