PLASTIC CROSS: Grayscale Rainbows: LP

Huh. One half of The Measure (SA) and a few other guys trying their hands at hardcore punk. If you can get past the album artwork, there’s some pretty good material here. (Craig Fu Yong, you are a pretty good vocalist and your lyrics aren’t half bad either—they’re actually really good—but this cover and such? Eeeek.) A little burly, a little frantic, a lot of songs—and a lot of thinking around corners and dodging the obvious. The dichotomy here: Grayscale Rainbows is full of traditional hardcore, but with an aversion to traditional verse-verse-chorus solutions; it’s hardcore full of little flourishes, little blips and bleeps that add depth and strength. Eighteen songs. I’m not much of a fan of hardcore these days, but Plastic Cross more than held my interest. Quality.

 –keith (Don Giovanni)