PLAN 9: Manmade Monster: CD

Oct 28, 2008

If you can’t tell what this band is all about by the name, then the following facts should give it away: They all have devilocks, their equipment is covered with images of the crimson ghost, their base player’s name is Scary Only and, just in case you still don’t get it, they cover two Samhain tunes and three Misfits tunes on this disc. Usually, I would have disparaging comments for a band that is so obvious about their lack of originality. I’m going to stow those comments because these guys are fucking rad. The only real non-Misfits thing they add is a cool guitar solo here and there. If you’re tired of listening to the Misfits, but you still want to listen to the Misfits, you should listen to Plan 9.

 –mp (Nickel And Dime)