Another band putting an apostrophe where it doesn’t belong. But I could forgive that if this wasn’t such unabashed Bon Jovi weenie rock. I realize that Wattie from the Exploited was a grade A chucklefuck from day one and he has actually managed to become even more of a dim-witted mean cartoon character with each passing year, but after listening to the Plain White T’s I want to lock myself in the basement, roll around in the litter box and crank nothing but Exploited discs for an entire week. Oh how I long for ugly naked rock covered with warts and zits and boils and carbunckles and un-wiped butt cracks. Calling this dreck “radio-friendly” is an understatement: this disc wants to tear its clothes off, jump on top of your radio, and hump the daylights out of it. Yuck.

 –aphid (Fearless)