PLAGUE DOGS: Self-titled: 12” EP

Jan 11, 2013

Pretty damn good metallic crust from these guys. They successfully blend in some rock elements via Motörhead influences into their sound, which helps them stand apart from the masses making a stab at this stuff. They keep things mainly at a somewhat mid-tempo simmer, allowing for the urgency to come through nice and strong. The raspy vocals work well and never grate or turn into one big growl. You can make out what is being said, which is sort of rare. The guitar work on here is pretty good. They definitely know how to play and the metal-style soloing is an asset. Not to mention the drummer can smash the hell out his kit! All six songs on here are pretty solid and will do the job nicely. If you’re a fan of Hellshock, Tragedy, Inepsy, and the type, then you should pick this up as well.

 –M.Avrg (Sit & Spin, [email protected] /

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