Nov 13, 2013

Jingly, jangly pop-fuzz hangout listening. This reminds me of stuff I would listen to late at night in the early 1990s. Nice nighttime listening when working in the wee hours with friends. It’s rocking and heavy enough to keep you awake and focused, but not overbearing. The pop side keeps you in good spirits. Places We Slept sound like they could have shared space on one of the Yo-Yo comps or International Pop Overthrow. I like how the songs are light and minimal in parts, then they hit the pedals and some fuzzed-out distortion comes pouring out of the speakers. Then suddenly we’re listening to much quieter song with buzzing amps in the background. The opener, “Almost Died,” sounds like early Dinosaur Jr., which, to me, is a good comparison. These are the sort of songs that attach themselves to your mind with a stronger grip on every listen.

 –M.Avrg (Lagerville,