P.J. BONNEMAN: Jeg Kendte Dem Ikke: 7” EP

Jan 14, 2009

Armed with the switchblade knife he holds on the record sleeve, and, I’m assuming, an enormous bottle of Gammel Dansk, P.J. Bonneman slashes through three great-sounding home recordings on this debut, solo, 33 rpm 7” EP. “Fri Kaerlighed” is a lively piece of aggressive, lo-fi, Rezillos power pop sung in Danglish. I’m not exactly sure what the song is about—I don’t understand Danish and there’s not a whole lot of English to be heard—but I definitely hear a “fuckin’ hippy” in there towards the end of the song and that’s a sentiment that everyone should be able to get behind. “Hey Ronni” is the musical equivalent of taking a stroll through the countryside with your sweetheart on a Sunday afternoon. Clad in a leather jacket and shod with black Chuck Taylors, of course. The melody could have easily been written by King Louie for the Exploding Hearts and the lazy guitar riff will linger in your head long after the song is over. This tune could brighten the day of even the most stoic, hard-assed Scandinavian. While the A-side will appeal to popsters, the flip side is ass-kickingly TOUGH!”Jeg Kendte Dem Ikke” has an unrelenting beat and lyrics that are snarled more than sung. Bonneman has a real knack for writing a tune and moves between genres effortlessly.

 –benke (Spild Af Vinyl, www.spildafvinyl.dk)