PITY: The Struggle: 7”

Sep 23, 2014

This fucking rules. Confession: I am prejudiced. Every time I pick up a 7” and it contains six songs, and especially if it’s at 45 RPM, I think—no—I know I’m gonna be disappointed. Too many times have I gambled and been burned on a record with a killer cover, rad band name and badass song titles, only to be bored to death by hyper-fast, unintelligible “songs” of noise. This, my friends, is not that. This is punk fucking rock, equal parts The Spits and early X. Raw, aggressive, catchy punk tunes. You’d never guess what “L.J.S.A.” stands for—Leather Jacket Separation Anxiety—but the singer tells me that, and I think I might suffer from that very condition. “Six Pack Breakfast?” Okay! 

 –Chad Williams (Self-released)

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