Pity Party: Featuring Fid of the Measure [SA] and Joel and Cassady from Sexy Crimes. Spazzy and a little unhinged. It sounds like a confluential wave-crash of Toy Dolls and PS Elliot playing ADHD (as opposed to NYHC) hardcore —sweet, spastic, and time changes galore. TroubleCity, here we come. Nice. VacationBibleSchool: Chicago-styled, modern pop punk for the “please play more, Pegboy” fan in all of us. Beefy hooks. Peppy delivery. Dour subtext. Honest dudes. Clean, clear, and punchy recording. If this was the future that didn’t suck, a can of beer would pop out of the top of the record and open itself up at the beginning of the first song. Don’t take this shit for granted folks, because there are a thousand ways to fuck this up and two or three ways to do it right.

 –todd (Underground Communiqué, undercomm.org)