PITY PARTY: Fine Young Animals: 12” EP

May 30, 2014

One tamale and beans/rice slapped in the microwave. Halfway through the small plate of food and the first side of the LP is finished. My mouth hole is coated in porky masa deliciousness and my ear holes are smiling wide from the punk rock goodness that just flew from the speakers. In my mind I’ve imagined Fid mid-leap, Cassady belting it out, Joel plonking away at the bass (it has a fantastic distinguishable sound in the mix), and Mikey sweating out the frantic beat. Flip the record, finish the tamale lunch, same results. Punk pop from the heart from pure pedigree players (Measure [SA], Sexy Crimes, The Ergs). They’ll give you one of the best twenty-five minute sets, drink all the beer, sleep on your couch, and watch the Simpsons until dawn. Quiero mas y quieres mas tambien

 –Matt Seward (Psychic Volt, psychicvolt.com)