PITY FUCKS, THE: Self-titled: 12” 45 RPM

Nov 16, 2010

The cover art has two paper lunch bags drawn on to look like a guy and a girl post-coitus, with a matchbook that has “Some Skank” and a phone number written on it in one corner and a condom wrapper in the other corner. Given the union of the cover art and band name, I was totally expecting something totally sophomoric with an urge to beat dead horses. While the lyrical content of this record may fit nicely into the pigeonhole I made out for the record, I was too busy enjoying the garage rock on this slab of wax to pay a lick of attention to the lyrics. Six originals and two covers (Oblivians and R. Stevie Moore), all solid.

 –Vincent (Felony Fidelity, [email protected])

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